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Personalise Your MINI with MINI Yours Customised

Personalise your MINI with the new MINI Yours Customised service

Since 2001, MINI has been a pioneer in the area of vehicle personalisation by taking advantage of the benefits of customer personalisation on their models.

The launch of the innovative new range, MINI Yours Customised, will enable you to take personalisation of your vehicle to a new level, allowing you to create a car which truly reflects your personality and lifestyle. Through the use of the latest technology, namely 3D printing and laser lettering, you will be able to transform your MINI into a uniquely personalised experience by designing your own exclusive features using the online MINI web-shop. Features available for customisation are:

Side Scuttles

Make your own personal mark by customising your MINI Side Scuttles. In addition to a diverse spectrum of colours to choose from, there’s also a range of icons in different sizes that can be positioned on the Side Scuttle. You can also select different designs for the left and right side of the vehicle.

Dashboard Trim

Express your own creativity with the dashboard trim. As well as a variety of colours to choose from, there’s also an array of special icons, graphic patterns and surface patterns available for selection. Make your dashboard truly unique to you by adding customised lettering of your choosing.

LED Door Entry Strips

Make your MINI truly your own by adding illuminated MINI LED Door Trims. Choose your favourite colours, structures and icons to light up your style, along with your personal signature.

LED Door Projectors

Light up the street and make it your own. The MINI LED Door Projector will automatically illuminate the floor with a bold and shiny statement whenever the driver and passenger doors open. Choose your colour, pattern and icon as well as adding your personal lettering, monogram or even signature.

The MINI LED Door Projector is available for all MINI models built from 2001 and which already have door projectors or door entry lights installed. Please contact us if you are unsure whether your MINI has these installed.

Bring out your inner creativity, and contact us for more information, or visit the following link.