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MINI Cooper S E Plug-in hybrid Electric - Our MINI Genius Review

When test driving a car for 10 minutes, it’s hard to truly understand if the car is for you or not. The burning question of does the specification really match how you will use the car in day to day life?

To test this, Alex, our MINI Genius, has written in his own words, what it is really like to drive the MINI Cooper S E Plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV) on an extended test drive. MINI’s currently only hybrid electric model. To his surprise, he learned even more about the car in the few days of driving. Here is what he said…


I drove a total of 106 miles on the weekend and only used three bars of petrol, which I feel is really good considering I didn’t use much of the full electric motor, as I only borrowed the Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle for a couple of days and don’t own one. I don’t have the wall box installed in my garage, therefore, I charged the battery up with the combustion engine, but I found the hybrid mode extremely effective. I took the PHEV around the corner to a local beauty spot, and having found another owner of a Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, I had a good chat with them.  I explained what kind of consumption I was getting and he said he used to drive lots on the motorway, but since having changed jobs, he is now at a point where he can do a small number of miles around town. He now uses the electric engine from start to finish and saves lots of money on fuel. Dropping the car back, I loved the combined power of the petrol engine and electric motor and found it really interesting switching between all the modes. Overall, I think it's an amazing car and definitely the way forward for vehicles in general.


Being a MINI Product Genius, Alex is knowledgeable across the MINI range and will be able to answer any questions you may have; from his thoughts on the latest MINI technology, service maintenance questions, to connect your phone to your MINI. If you would like a friendly chat with him, please call 01483 207007.